Cost of Glass Railings

topless glass railing

Can I afford buying Glass Railings?

-Some people they have to spend a fortune to get glass railings at their houses. The truth is such information is wrong. Depending on what glass railing system you decide to go with, you can expect to pay as little as 25% extra when comparing to price of Iron Railings. Even though you pay more for glass, most of our glass railings systems require zero maintenance, while iron railings will cost you on time or paying a professional to paint and/or retighten or replace the screws that hold up the railings and eventually will have need for repair.

The only thing that a glass railing would require you to do is cleaning. And it is far easier to do on glass than on iron railings. Rather than wiping off a big and flat panel of glass, you would have to spend a long time cleaning dozens or even hundreds of pickets one at time.

Therefore, that 25% extra you spend getting glass railings, becomes even or even cheaper when it comes up to time and expenses on maintenance.